Saturday, May 16, 2009

Loma Linda CA, VA Hospital volunteer is threatening me...

Please help by sending a copy of this blog address, To Whom It Should Concern:

Below is my formal written complaint against VA volunteer Curtis Hobbs’s threatening aggression towards me while I was seeking his help at the Loma Linda, CA, VA hospital.

Complaint filed with the Patient Advocate office:

Patient Advocate Phone: 1-800-741-8387 or 909-825-7084
Ext. 6175 and Ext. 6174

VA Loma Linda Healthcare System
11201 Benton Street
Loma Linda, CA 92357
1 (800) 741-8387 – (909) 825-7084

Date: Aug 25, 2008 Page 1 of 2

Name: Carl G. Mueller
Phone Number: 909-866-9310

Last four of your SS Number (optional) ****

Nature of Compliment/Concern:
I was standing in the doorway of Mr. Curtis Hobbs’s office writing down his name, room 1F-41 at about 10:15 am.
Mr. Hobbs said to me. “What the fu*k do you want?”
I said, “What words did you use towards me?”

Mr. Hobbs said it differently the next time without using the fu*k word.

Mr. Hobbs said to me as he started towards me, “What do you think I said?”

I repeated what he said the first time using the fu*k word.

Mr. Hobbs was now only about 2-inches from my face telling me in a threatening way saying, “Get out of my office.”

I then said, “Do you want to settle this outside?”

Hobbs said, “Yes.”

We both started to walk outside when another employee appeared. This Employee admitted hearing the conversation threw portable phone head set. More threatening talk continued.

Page 2 of 2

I asked Hobbs for his business card but he would not give it to me.

It is possible that the man was not Mr. Hobbs. This man I’m calling Hobbs is black, about 5 feet 8 inches and a thin 130 pounds.

This thin man “Hobbs” wrote down his supervisors phone number and his first name as Scott-no last name.

The note said Scott, 619-400-5322.

I think Hobbs should not have a Job in a hospital where people under stress need to talk to him.

Mr. Hobbs appeared content having me appeared hurt.

Other things where said which will appear in a letter to U.S. Congressman Jerry Lewis and others.

I also asked officer Brent Carter #3160, security for the VA Hospital and Ken Johnson Patient Advocate for help about Hobbs’s aggressive, threatening attitude. Nothing was done.

Signature: Carl G. Mueller, 8/25/08
End of the complaint document:

I registered my complaint moments after the incident. The problem is that the Patient Advocate doesn’t get involved with complaints against a volunteer of the Loma Linda, CA, VA hospital. I was told that Annie Tuttle of Public Affairs handles complaints with volunteers. About three weeks latter Tuttle left me a phone message saying she gave Hobbs’s supervisor my complaint and basically wanted my complaint to end.

I have sent copies of my complaint to my US Congressman Jerry Lewis, Senators, Feinstein and Boxer and all 15 Senate Committee Members of Veterans’ Affairs. I haven’t received a response from anyone. Not even a form letter. So now I write letters to newspapers and do blogs.

Sept. 22, 2008, 9: 30 am.
Talked to Congressman Jerry Lewis’s male Secretary Shawn. Shawn said the office got two of my letters Friday and will respond. I requested the office send me more then a form letter but include specific details as to actions or non-actions the Congressman will or will not take. I also requested he please indicate the date of the letter the Congressman’s response refers to.

Sept. 22, 2008, 9: 45 am. I talked to the VFW office of Scott Langhof who is the supervisor of Curtis Hobbs. Langhof was too occupied with other clients to talk to me, so I requested the secretary have Mr. Langhof give me a written response regarding the Aug. 25, 2008 complaint against his VFW volunteer Curtis Hobbs. Nothing in writing or phone call.

VFW, Mr. Scott Langhof Phone: 1-619-400-5322
8810 San Diego Dr. Suite 1161
San Diego, CA, 92108

In conclusion:
My complaint about VFW representative Curtis Hobbs is just a very small incident but reflects the unwillingness of the government to hold government representatives accountable. We the people and to a lesser extent the news media are the ones responsible for allowing our Government Representatives to overlook our complaints.

My fight is our fight.

Carl G. Mueller, Nam 68

Pat Tillman, you are not forgotten.